12 Quick Tips for Self-Marketing Authors

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Urban Fiction Author Marketing Tips

  1. Leverage YouTube videos to reach readers
  2. Print up business cards
  3. Encourage your fans to become affiliate marketers of your book
  4. Create a reader’s guide at the end of your book
  5. Insert sample chapters from your other books
  6. Do a sample chapters swap with another author
  7. Promote your book to the top eBook listing sites
  8. Share these marketing tips with your fellow authors!
  9. Do not forget that you can also promote your book by writing articles, Facilitating a workshop, volunteer as a panelist, and joining an assortment Of professional associations and organizations.

10. You can tack your postcards on local bulletin boards,

11. Post your web site on Yahoo and MSN groups,

12. Have a friend host a book signing/reading party and, finally,

Build a Team!

To be successful you will need a great team behind you. Your team should include:

  • Urban Fiction Editor's Writer Marketing Tips 2A Book Mentor,
  • A Focus Group,
  •  A Professional Editor
  • Proofreader
  • A Typesetter
  • A Professional Cover Designer
  • A Publicist, to create press, schedule interviews with authors and publishing company where appropriate, 
press releases 24-7 about everything that happens
  • An Assistant (if you can afford one) to collate valuable information, update calendars, social media, websites additions to authors and company sites, mail, fan mail, etc.

If you don’t have a team, or at least the beginnings of one, start looking for people now! Many publishing companies provide these services. Be sure to ask about them when looking for a publisher.

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