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Urban Fiction Editor  Mary McBeth

Urban Fiction Editor
Mary McBeth

Lead editor Mary McBeth is a published author with more than 18 years of experience with freelance writing, editing, proofreading and copy writing.  Her passion for words enables her to provide thorough proofreading and editing services, a concise and fresh copy, a fast turnaround on any changes you may desire, as well as savvy business advice and a supportive editor’s ear. She will help you get your message across and make a great first impression on a publisher or final reader.

Raised in Brooklyn, of Southern and Caribbean descent, globetrotting Mary has traveled to over 20 countries and 123 cities around the world. She speaks and reads fluently in Italian and German as well as conversationally in Spanish and French. Mary has also worked for many years as a runway fashion model turned fashion photographer and actress in theatre and film. A gifted and multi-talented scholar, Mary’s likeness can be found in over 30 music and film productions worldwide and she has written over 600 articles in print and online.

Her eye for detail and talent has made her a sought-after consultant to visual artists, musicians, directors and writers for more than two decades; so much so that her remarkable influence can be found in everyday pop culture.  A devoted muse, Mary is in fact the subject and/or inspiration for an astonishing array of International fashions, design products, paintings, songs, poems, films and fictional characters.

The former two-time Salutatorian and student body President of New York’s prestigious High School of Art & Design has also held the titles of Rotarian, Realtor, Resource Librarian, Teacher, Newspaper Publisher, Author, Web Developer and Marketing Director. Furthermore, Mrs. McBeth is an accomplished Reiki Master with a Masters Degree in Holistic Life Coaching and Metaphysical Science. A voracious reader and an extreme perfectionist, Mary resigns herself to editing just 1 book per month.

It was in the summer of 2009, that her love for Urban Literature was born. Coincidentally, a major paradigm shifting experience exposed her to some of the rawest talents and innovative thinkers of our time – but, without the grammar! It was also here that she became increasingly aware of how the American Prison Complex was systematically robbing the African Diaspora of its most creative minds.

Increasingly concerned with the uplift of the Urban Fiction genre, along with what she considers to be, it’s profound cultural implications; Mary co-founded the non-profit ArtsToLiteracy Children’s Initiative in 2010. Here, she works to develop greater self-esteem and crucial life skills in at-risk inner city youth through her “Personal Sustainability” programs in Creative Writing, Publishing and Filmmaking. She has designed this program to help children advocate for themselves by “telling their stories” as well as identifying and marketing their own creative and entrepreneurial talents.

Mary is thoroughly familiar with spiritual and new age language, southern dialects, urban vernacular, and foreign dialects and accents. All this combines to make her especially sensitive to the nuances of language as a tool for communication as well as entertainment.

Mary is familiar with the following genres:

  • African American Urban Literature
  • Urban Fiction
  • Science Fiction
  • Horror
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Spiritual/New Age writing (including but not limited to Metaphysics, New Thought, Astrology, vibrational healing, etc.)

URBANFICTIONEDITOR.com offers five tiers of editing services to meet the needs of any author.

In addition to editing services, Mary works with award-winning graphic designers to develop an eye-catching page layout, cover and webpage for your book.

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