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$100 per week, I will talk to you for 1 total hour per week to motivate you to write and discuss your work progress. Discounts available for long term coaching agreements.

Self-Publishing Consulting: $100 per hour.

Self-publishing your book requires a lot of preparation and major decisions. Urban Fiction Editor offers consultation services to help you avoid marketing pitfalls and scams, pressure-test expectations for success and find a balance between doing it yourself and hiring sub-contractors without compromising quality.

Today, as more authors, corporate and academic institutions are realizing the benefits of setting up their own publishing divisions, Urban Fiction Editor is born to provide self-published authors, editing, typesetting, technical design, critiques of cover art, and marketing assistance.

My rate is $100 per hour. Contact us to inquire about your project and unless you’ve decided I have something of value to offer you, I won’t charge you anything. I also offer free initial consultations for authors and publishers who availed our design, marketing or editing services.

How to Get Started?

You may contract Mary McBeth to set up a consultation today at 704-286-6142 or email

  • Private (one or two person) sessions are billed at a rate of $100 for the 1st hour and $50 for each additional hour.
  • Private sessions take place per telephone or Via Skype
  • one hour minimum

* Discounts available when combined with other services