Content Editing

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$3.99 per page (aka Structural editing aka Substantive aka Developmental Editing
) is a more in-depth edit of the manuscript.

Includes Line editing and Copy editing, plus auxiliary sentence re-writes up to 5% of your entire document when necessary.

It also reviews the plot/character elements for consistency in fiction/non-fiction works.

Editor reviews a draft marking recommended edits, sends it to the writer to make changes, and review the changes the writer accepted to make sure they were made correctly.

Additionally, Editor will:

1) Correct errors in syntax in regard to sentence structure. In certain instances, the editor may suggest the author change the sentence structure in order to preserve the intended meaning.

2) Alter phrases and word choices deemed inappropriate for the subject matter or readership.

3) Preserve plot line, character traits, and consistency throughout.

4) Flag minor instances where the material strays from the intended purpose.

5) Maintain development documents to maintain plot line and character traits in fiction titles.

6) Review writing for style and clarity.

Editor will not: 
a) Reorganize paragraphs to make the material more logical to the reader. If this is required, a heavy developmental edit is more appropriate.

Content editing may be combined with a final proofread after changes were made for an additional $300.


See what our clients have to say:

Yes, your work is truly outstanding, your mind is golden and I can feel the power you have in changing people stories into a winner…. i love the way you edit….I went back and reread your notes, you are phenomenal. Stay uplifted Queen.

Flenardo Taylor

At a time when I desperately needed a great editor, faith stepped in and brought Mary into my life. I like to think that writers tell great stories. But editors are the ones who step in to make the story into a good book and this is exactly what working with Mary does. She is wonderful as an editor, motivator and exactly what a writer like me needed. I can’t wait to work with her on my next project.

Luna Charles,

I just wanted to let you know that Donald and I feel, that you are a God send and that it was nothing but God that directed me to your website. We are pleased with your performance, you are a woman of integrity and you stand behind your work. We are excited and, happy to have meet you. Your work is very professional and we couldn’t be more pleased with your performance thus far. Thank you!

La Chandra Wallace, Southern Classic Publishing


I came to you, just as I had the rest of the urban fiction editors I’d searched for online—green to the literary world and equipped with an unpolished manuscript.  I expressed my nervousness about sharing my untold story to the rest of the world and your reassuring tone gave me comfort to do so.  The authenticity in your words was riveting to my soul. Without ever discussing business, we were able to speak for hours about a shared passion, to break the negative denotation that most correlate with the term “urban” fiction. I want to personally thank you for not only seeing my vision, but also turning it into a reality. I am proud to say that my first self-published book was edited by you! If I thanked you a thousand times, it would not be enough! Your essence is truly immeasurable! Peace and blessings to a true game changer…
-Shyla Myles Author of Broken Promises


Shyla Myles Author of Broken Promises