FAQs About Editing / How is a line-edit different from a critique?

A critique is an examination and review of your book’s themes, plot, pacing, characters, and the like. Your reader will look at the story you told, not how it was written. The line-edit is focused on the technical side of the process, how easy or difficult it is to flow into the story.

For more feedback on the story itself, Content editing (sometimes called Developmental, Structural or Substantive Editing) may be more appropriate choice. Content editing is essentially manuscript critique with an line editing component. First, the manuscript is assessed, paying particular attention to structural elements (for nonfiction, organization, argument, tone, and content; for fiction, plot, character, point of view, and pacing.) A set of comments and suggestions is prepared. After the writer revises, a full line edit is done.

Our editor is available through e-mail to discuss the novel, but is also willing to provide a one-hour phone call for $60 after any edit is complete.

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