FAQs About Editing / What exactly is a Line-Edit?

A Line-Edit includes many of the services of Copyediting and Proofreading: correction of grammar, spelling, punctuation, verb tenses, as well as Inserting appropriate transitions, Assessing accuracy in word phrasing, and Ensuring clarity of your writing. Professional comments and feedback regarding overall writing style, flow of presentation and initial impressions by the editor. Rewriting of sentences, when necessary. Reviewing of the plot/character elements for consistency in fiction/non-fiction works.

The editor will: 1) Correct errors in grammar and punctuation.
2) Correct average to minor errors in syntax (i.e., the ordering of and relationship between the words and other structural elements in phrases and sentences.) 
3) Query phrases and word choices deemed inappropriate for the subject matter or readership. 4) Flag instances where permission from an outside source may be needed.

The editor will not: 1) Restructure more than minor sentence structure issues. 2) Significantly alter word choice. The editor will, however, suggest that the author change significantly inappropriate items to make them more appropriate to the intended audience. The editor reviews a draft marking recommended edits, then sends it to the writer to make changes.  Line editing may be combined with a final proofread after changes were made for an additional $350. Line Editing Services are ideal for ALL types of writing.

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