Give Readers Coupons

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coupons Everyone loves a discount, including your readers. Coupons are a great way to boom book sales. You can promote coupons on your website, blog or various social media sites and offer consumers dollars off, a percentage off, or a bundle deal if you have more than one book. You can also offer discounts to consumers who review your other work. It is best to offer limited time coupons to build urgency in reader’s minds. Remember that it is more beneficial to connect your social media sites so that readers can easily access these coupons. For example, you can post on your twitter that you are giving out coupons for your book/s and the post the link on twitter. This allows followers to have easy access to the discounts.

Featured Service: Urban Book Reviews

Book reviews sell books. Readers use book reviews to decide if they will buy your book on Amazon and other Book store websites. Some readers only hear of a book by coming across a review. An honest book review from a reputable professional service like can make a huge difference in your books’s success. Order yours today.

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