Using Microsoft Word Track Changes in Word 2002, 2007, 2010 and on a MAC!

Editing your manuscript is a job that requires a lot of tools and revisions.Fortunately, Microsoft Word offers a Track Changes function that allows authors to keep track of the changes that have been made by reviewers/editors.

These changes appear as redline markings on your manuscript, while keeping your original manuscript intact, and making changes more distinct and easier to view and understand. You also have the option to accept or reject the changes that have been made, saving you the time to rewrite and re-type the reviewed manuscript handed to you by your editors.

When you’re in the Track Changes mode, every change made, by default, will appear as red marking like these.

Sample of insertion.
Sample of deletion.

But you can personalize and change their appearance with the color or number of strike-through that suits you.

To indicate places where changes have been made, a black, vertical line at the left or right margin of your document is shown. A line with no obvious red markings may indicate that a change in formatting was made on that part of the manuscript.

This tutorial will cover the following:

Activating Track Changes: Learn how to activate Track Changes on your MS Word
Customizing Track Changes Appearance: Learn how to change the way tracked changes appear on your computer.
Adding Editor Comments: Learn how to view, insert and delete comments.
Viewing or concealing Tracked Changes: Learn the different types of views when you’re in Track Changes Mode.
Accepting or rejecting Edits: Learn how to easily implement any changes editor’s have made or suggested.

Activating Track Changes

You can locate the Track Changes icon by navigating to Microsoft Word’s REVIEW tab. For 2002 version or older you can locate on this by clicking Tools and navigating through the dropdown items.

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