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Harpo HARO stands for Help A Reporter Online. It is a free service that emails users a summary of what reporters are working on and the types of experts they want to interview. So how can this help you? Well, every day hundreds of journalist are working on deadline stories and they need to interview experts. Because you are an author you are more qualified than you think to serve as an interviewee. When/If you are interviewed by a journalist you will be identified in their article as an author of so and so book, which allows you to get free and easy publicity.

You, as an author, can also take advantage of the resources at HARO by using the service to find experts to interview for your book. Experts will want to speak with you for the same reason you would speak to the journalist; free publicity!

Featured Service: Urban Book Reviews

Book reviews sell books. Readers use book reviews to decide if they will buy your book on Amazon and other Book store websites. Some readers only hear of a book by coming across a review. An honest book review from a reputable professional service like can make a huge difference in your books’s success. Order yours today.

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