Line Editing

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$3.49 per page

Includes many of the services of copyediting: correction of grammar, spelling, punctuation, verb tenses, as well as:

Inserting appropriate transitions, Assessing accuracy in word phrasing, and Ensuring clarity of your writing. Professional comments and feedback regarding overall writing style, flow of presentation and initial impressions by the editor. Rewriting of sentences, when necessary. Reviewing of the plot/character elements for consistency in fiction/non-fiction works.

Editor will:

1) Correct errors in grammar and punctuation.

2) Correct average to minor errors in syntax (i.e., the ordering of and relationship between the words and other structural elements in phrases and sentences.)

3) Query phrases and word choices deemed inappropriate for the subject matter or readership.

4) Flag instances where permission from an outside source may be needed.

Editor will not: 1) Restructure more than minor sentence structure issues. 2) Significantly alter word choice. The editor will, however, suggest that the author change significantly inappropriate items to make them more appropriate to the intended audience.

The editor reviews a draft marking recommended edits, send it to the writer to make the changes.

Line editing may be combined with a final proofread after changes were made for an additional $300. Line Editing Services are ideal for ALL types of writing.


See what our clients have to say:

Through my consultation from Mary McBeth, I have been transformed from a writer into a full fledged artist. Her uncanny ability to connect to me and my work is represented two fold: by her affirmation of my vision as well as the customized plan for me of the promotion and marketing of my book. After just one week of implementation I have already received some great feedback as well as sold more books then I did all year! If it had not been for Mary and her much needed ‘realness’, my book and my vision, would still be sitting on my shelf or on websites where no one could access them. Thanks to Mary, the tools at my disposal to get me to the next level of my journey have been revealed to me as well as one’s I didn’t know existed before. And last but certainly not least, her support and desire to serve as a resource for those she counsels is felt no matter how near or far. Whether it be information on the market, assistance with blogs, or even ways to make your book more consumer friendly, she is always a willing and listening ear and gives timely feedback. Her faith in me and my work continues to radiate and be a motivation on the journey ahead, a consultation from Mary McBeth does more than evaluate how saleable your book/work is, it also prepares your writer spirit and mind for the road ahead.

Danielle Cooper, author of Love’s Twisted Lessons

Wow!! I am impressed. Thank you for the notes also. I really would like to work more with you again. I’m still working on AWH2, but I should be finished soon. Please look to hear from me soon. *It is so true…You get what you pay for!

Angel Mechelle, author of Another Woman’s Husband

It is my pleasure to openly thank my editor/mentor Mary McBeth. She puts forth well in excess of the price of the paid work by providing priceless advice, attention, support and her knowledge of the business. Without any doubt she has also been a constant motivator and I can’t wait to resume/continue with “our” next projects. We have more work to do. Thank you for everything.

Christina McHorne , author of Was it Worth It

I highly recommend using Urban Fiction Editor for all of your editing needs. As an author and owner of a publishing company, Urban Fiction Editor not only met, but exceeded my expectations. The thoroughness and quality of service that was delivered helped ensure that my book was of the highest caliber and I am so pleased. The quick turnaround time also enabled me to meet my publishing deadlines. All this, delivered to me at a reasonable price! Whether you are a self-publisher or an author looking to obtain a book deal, I strongly advise that you use Urban Fiction Editor before presenting your product. It will be well worth it!       – J. Cerrone,