Muse Deep Comprehensive Line Editing

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(aka Heavy, Substantive, or Developmental Editing)


The most in-depth book editing service we offer!

Designed to help the writer craft his or her best work, it includes Line editing, Content Editing and Proofreading, plus significant content re-writes of up to 20% of your entire document when necessary.

Additionally, you will receive a professional editorial review along with suggested areas of research the writer should consider to enhance his/her writing project.

Editor will also:

1) Promote accuracy of content by providing light research as warranted. (i.e., look up biblical quotes, common statistics, etc.)

2) For nonfiction manuscripts, the editor will preserve consistency throughout by noting author’s individual theories, title-specific terminology, etc.

This level of editing is ideal for authors who want the most comprehensive review and correction process. Muse Deep Comprehensive editing is perfect for manuscripts, novels, articles, screenplays, short stories and more.

See what our clients have to say:

February 11, 2014,

“Working with Mary McBeth and on my novel: The Root Worker – The Virgin Mary – and the Unstoppable Margaret Johnson was a literary boot camp. I presented my out of shape pages to Mary and she made me run laps, kick higher, lift more, drop and give her twenty and twenty more.

Mary immediately recognized my voice as a writer. This invaluable skill allowed her to push me and for me to accept the direction in which she pushed. If you are looking for a book editing service that will do the work for you, look somewhere else. Mary will not allow you to cheat yourself, but she will give you the guidance and tools to find your way to your best work. And at the end of the process you are allowed to keep the wonderful tools she’s presented you with.

I was completely new to the process of having my work edited by anyone. I certainly needed the proofing service for my abuse of commas and never ending sentences, but opting for the Muse Deep Comprehensive Line Editing service was like attending a master class in writing. The give and take of the process created a new writer. At its simplest Mary would send back a comment, “describe the room” at its most complex, “that doesn’t sound like your voice.” If that doesn’t appear to be a lot, think of 248 insightful pages of these comments and suggestions.

Outside of the mechanics of the book editing, Mary brings a personable, genuine, and caring touch to the entire process. Our conversations have all been via e-mail and telephone, but each time we speak I feel as if I’m sitting at her kitchen table. Mary has the ability to build a quick rapport. And her availability has always been 100%.

I must say that working with Mary McBeth and has left me with three things: The novel I was supposed to write, the confidence to write my second novel, and the support and backing of a highly skilled book editor.

If you are a writer, I recommend pulling up a chair at Mary McBeth’s kitchen table and getting to work!”

-Vincent Terrell Durham – Author