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Client Testimonials

“As I finalized my book proposal for Sanctified: A Memoir, Mary’s absolute enthusiasm for my project was profound. After reading the document, she wowed me with her sharp fiction writer’s eye, spot on instincts for nonfiction and nurturing telephone and Skype sessions all crafted to get the proposal to the next level. She spent many hours far beyond what I had expected. Her feedback pushed me in the same direction some of the best New York literary agents I know. I cannot say enough good thi…

Samuel Autman, essayist and memoirist-in-the-making.

Urban Editing Services

$1.99-$5.99 /page

Affordable editing services specializing in the Urban vernacular.

  • Line Editing
  • Content Editing
  • Developmental Editing
  • Proofreading/Copy Editing
  • Payment Plans Available

Manuscript Evaluation

$295.00 /manuscript

Highly recommended for new authors, an evaluation of this type will let you know if there are major structural or content issues with your manuscript upfront, before you spend the money for copy editing or start sending manuscripts to publishers. Find out exactly what your novel needs to make the best presentation possible.

Book Reviews

$295.00 /book

We review self-published & traditional e-books, on-demand books, printed books in any format

  • Honest & Detailed Professional Editorial Book Review
  • For Amazon or Back of the Book placement

Professional Editing BEFORE You Submit or Publish

You’ve spent months to years pouring your heart and soul out into your Urban Fiction Book and complete it only to find out it requires a little more work. What you need now is a trained set of eyes to see the errors you no longer can and to smooth out the rough edges. This is where I come in!

My urban writers’ book editing services are vital to ensuring that you make your best first impression with every reader. I’ll take your story from good to great by editing for grammar, punctuation, and spelling, as well as ensure continuity of ideas, flow of thoughts and general cohesion of your writing. Of course, I ALWAYS maintain your artistic voice and style throughout the book! All at a reasonable editing fee!

I know Literature, AND I know Urban Literature.

I am deeply devoted to elevating the genre by producing work that meets the highest standards of grammar while remaining true to the authentic street language of urban characters. I am knowledgeable in the language styles of many different areas, sometimes known as a dialect. For example, an urban character from Brooklyn would speak completely differently from an urban character from Atlanta, Miami or LA!

Competent wordsmithing AND street credibility are vital for the Urban Fiction genre to flourish and evolve and be given its proper place in American Literature.

The reason is simple. Urban Literature is history in the making. Just like with Hip Hop music 30 years ago, the works being produced right now will one day be classics as the genre goes more mainstream, and as new styles and new writers’ voices emerge onto the scene.

That said, I operate as a muse as much as an editor. My goal is to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative, so your ideas flow smoothly and clearly. I make use of my marketing experience as much as my literary and Urban backgrounds to make your writing stand out in the way that you envision.

I don’t just edit your manuscript. I work hard to help you grow as a writer and to see your career evolve as an author.

Clear communication is vital, on the page and off. I help you ask yourself the big and small questions that will affect your manuscript now and your career for years to come.

If you want a co-partner who will dress, prune and otherwise obsess over your novel the way you do, and you have a couple of weeks for this process to unfold, then by all means contact me today.


I came to you, just as I had the rest of the urban fiction editors I’d searched for online—green to the literary world and equipped with an unpolished manuscript.  I expressed my nervousness about sharing my untold story to the rest of the world and your reassuring tone gave me comfort to do so.  The authenticity in your words was riveting to my soul. Without ever discussing business, we were able to speak for hours about a shared passion, to break the negative denotation that most corr…
Shyla Myles Author of Broken Promises

I offer:

  • Free Consultations.
  • Valuable Marketing Advice and Services.
  • Flexible payment plans and free one-page sample edits.
  • Five tiers of editing services to meet the needs of any author.
  • Discreet discount services to approved Urban Fiction publishers.
  • In addition to editing services, I work with award-winning graphic designers to develop an eye-catching page layout, cover and webpage for your book.

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