How to Write Your Book in Just a Couple of Weeks

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images-1There are several good reasons why should you write your book in just a couple of weeks.  First, let’s be frank, shall we? Does it really matter that your book took 5 years to write? Honestly, who cares? Stephen King churns ‘em out monthly, and we still can’t get enough. You are certainly welcome to tell people that it took you a year, or even two, to write your masterpiece, but if your book sucks, that erroneous information won’t compel anybody to keep reading it.

Furthermore, if you don’t write it fast, chances are very good that you won’t write it all. In this the Age of Information, someone (just like you) gets tons of ideas every day, and with so many emails to answer and useless gadgets to learn how to use, time is speeding up and it’s getting harder and harder to pen things down, to focus and go the long haul with our literary aspirations.

UntitledNot to mention, at the end of the day, some folks are just talkers while others are doers. If you call yourself a Writer then by all means be a doer-writer. It is infinitely more satisfying to have people at parties comment on you PUBLISHED book, than to hear yourself drone on and on, again and again, about The Book you are eternally working on. You know what I’m talking about. Only published authors command this coveted indulgence.

I am sorry to have to burst your romantic bubble this way, but the fact is, creativity does not have to be grueling and drawn out. It can be lightening quick, engaging and compelling, too. Truly prolific authors know this. Productivity is creativity in motion.

Screen shot 2013-06-22 at 1.51.01 PMNow, there are many long, hard roads to getting The Book (finished and bound with your name on it) in hand and there is only one short route to it. The myriad of long ways involve the stress and heartache of trying to figure out what to write about while waiting for that illusive muse to bring it on, or writing a series of lengthy book proposals to swamped publishing houses and sitting back to wait for that long line of rejection letters to pour in (because you’re an unknown writer) and, worst of all, if you don’t become completely demoralized and lose interest by then, you may take years to finish the original manuscript, if you ever finish it at all.

This article is all about the short way to write and publish your book. It’s about the straight line between two points. If you know anything at all about your subject matter, it should take you a couple of weeks to write your book – in your spare time. I did it and you can too. In fact, many life-altering books were written on airplanes for that matter.

Step 1
I have said this many times before and I will say it again. You have to make an outline. No, you may not skip this step; the whole thing will not work without it. There are many great online articles on how to do this. In the interest of time, remember you must write it fast, I suggest you read my previous post on How to Write a Book outline in Just a Few Minutes mentioned in the Resources section of this article.

Step 2
So Many Books So Little TimeOnce you have the outline in place, change each subject of each Chapter list into a question. For example, if Chapter 4 is entitled: 4. When Cats Bite, and the subjects for each Chapter are:
b. Breed
Change these to:
a.What do hormones have to do with cats biting?
b. Which breeds bite more often?
c. How can you discipline your cat to stop biting?

Step 3

Then, start writing by answering these questions. If you did your outline well, the writing part will be fun and easy, just like a game of Connect the Dots. Just take a few moments here and there throughout your day to write quickly and fill in all the spaces listed in your outline. You will be amazed at how much writing you can do if you start by carrying a printed copy of this list around with a pad and pen, and answer one question, each time you find yourself sitting in a waiting room or standing on line somewhere. Becoming adept at a technique of free writing, without thinking (seriously), will allow you to right as much as a page in 5 minutes. This way you can have 200 pages done in 40 hours! That’s 4 weeks of writing just 10 hours per week, 2 hours per day, with weekends off! This way, when you write, your mind and the subject matter is always fresh and you don’t become frustrated or overwhelmed, which would put your entire project in jeopardy.

Step 4
Don’t bother editing it until you’ve written the whole thing!! No kidding. If you persist in doing these cosmetic-touch-ups while writing, before you have committed all your ideas to paper then, 9 times out of 10 your book will never be finished. When you are done, just give it a  quick grammar and spell check. Then reread you writing over and over again until you feel safe enough to send it to a professional editor who will then polish it and shape it to the finished product.

Step 5
Now back to the romantic stuff: contact an online Self-Publishing Company and go to press! As soon as this part is taken care of, you can start organizing your book tour of local bookstores and radio station and get back to plugging your book with friends at parties. It is not uncommon for conventional Book Publishing Companies to want to “pick up” a book that has moderate sales success at local booksellers and Amazon. If you know you’ve got what it takes, go for the self-publishing. No one need know the difference and you can have the chance to prove your mettle through online sales and reviews.

Tips & Warnings

* Keep your day job, please. You’re going to need a lot of patience and dedication, many followup novels, and/or a solid speaker’s platform to become a full-time author.
* Do not write and edit. If you do, you’ll never be done.
* Ask yourself this question: If you choose to ignore this advice, will your book be done any time soon?
* I went from earning $25,000 annually to over $300,000 (Yep, that comma is in the correct place) within 18 months of writing my Best Selling Real Estate Book. I wrote it in just 2 weeks and had the first printed copy in hand 3 weeks later. No joke. I did it and so can you.

For a detailed directions on writing a winning book outline read part 1 in this series:

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